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Regretably, I don’t have any genuine expertise with the assistance 4WD light. As I claimed to my guest beneath (just the order I answered the posts), it always indicates a challenge inside the transfer case — difficulty codes really should be established, and that means you might need to obtain it scanned by your mechanic.

You will have to offer me some more details — like what, particularly, have been you doing when you obtained the service gentle to go out? What is the procedure accomplishing now, if just about anything? Have you checked ALL your fuses (even those underneath the hood?). Did you check for corrosion on on the TCCM?

I discovered a Discussion board where by a guy had a difficulty in which his ninety nine Blazer would not shift to 4HI. When he pushed the 2HI button, The sunshine flashed but practically nothing transpired.

I likely saved hundreds if I might have long gone to some vendor. I would have carried out the work myself, but I would not have a raise and that little part was a suffering to obtain, and even get it out for that matter.

Poor connections everywhere together the route will induce difficulties — most moments intermittently, which might be a true PITA to locate. (See my higher than posts for resolving this concern.) The TCCM can be undesirable likewise.

That’s odd that The sunshine will arrive on right away, devoid of flashing and with no partaking the 4WD. The stable gentle approaching at 4Hi is normally an indication which the technique is useful.

I hope this thread remains alive. Anyway, I've problem receiving away from 4HI. I have browse all of this discussion and Attempted many things. I replaced the vacuum switch on the transfer situation(mine was caught). Then I checked all vacuum strains(some were cracked And that i replaced). Pulled the encoder motor and cleaned it/took aside and re greased/sealed.

Put a examination direct (volt meter) over the output of your 4Lo button… if you push four Lo, does the meter reveal that there is electrical power leaving the button? (It should really, if what I'm examining Here's right… And that i’m studying it the right way.) Now, do precisely the same for 4Hi (do equally exams in park) — will it output similar to 4Lo? If not, you could possibly wish to examine the harness in the buttons somewhat more meticulously initially, after which you can attempt implementing ability into the output aspect in the 4Hi button (a similar stage because the output from 4Lo, no matter whether it be +12VDC or +5VDC… I’m pondering it should be +12VDC however).

Another detail I recognized was that you claimed the lights around the dash will flash once you push 4Hi — this tells you that the button for 4Hi is Functioning, as well as TCCM is accepting the sign from it. So, it boils right down to a challenge someplace among the TCCM along with the encoder motor — I'd suspect the TCCM — possibly wiring, or maybe a foul TCCM.

It’s possible which the process is participating alone. Nonetheless, 4WD engages WITH vacuum, not without having — accordingly, you'll have a foul vacuum switch that's letting vacuum via when it shouldn’t. Now, why the lights are heading out, that is definitely odd. I wouldn’t Feel the process would “show” 4WD when it wasn’t bodily place there — this means, In case the 4WD method DID happen to kick in on account of vacuum, the TCCM would have never received a signal To place the technique into 4WD and therefor wouldn't shift the encoder motor, or activate the 4WD indicator lights. In the event the 4WD method is kicking in resulting from vacuum, the sole authentic point to become influenced would be the front axle, and that is precisely what is controlled by using vacuum.

You know, besides Visit THIS Site what I’ve posted previously mentioned about the forks/gears, I don’t truly know much about them — I'd the trouble explained to me although I was driving residence to the freeway in hurry hour targeted traffic. I never definitely requested any inquiries even more than that — ’induce my 4WD labored!

If by unplugging the TCCM you hope to the automobile will default to 2WD — it won’t. Given that it’s actually Performing and driving your axle(s), leave it's and have it into a mechanic ASAP.

I don’t have every one of the terminology, or really know what every one of the components are — but I can assist you with the routing in the strains! The large black plastic detail you see Inside the motorists facet fender seems being a vacuum canister — irrespective of whether traces occur off it In the fender, I do not know.

I cleaned the TCCM contacts, then was ready to hear it simply click, but alas, the four HI and four LO lights flashed when I tried to interact them. Rats! Action two, checked all of the fuses.. All OK, then located a broken actuator vacume tube broken near the actator itself.

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